Marshall “Moral” Maddox



Maddox is a detective with the Colonial Marshall Service with a bent toward space based operations rather than colonial frontier ground missions. His nickname is derived from his very unashamedly stated belief in right and wrong and the tendency to sometimes come into conflict with colonial administrators and corporate types over colonists rights and protections. Moral was first posted to New Chicago as an undercover operative where he worked as a naval systems technician for Hyperdyne and investigated both the shady aspects of the internal development of the Hyperdyne corporate fleet as well as connections between the New Chicago anchorage and restricted propulsion technology that found its way into the hands of non sanctioned private ship operators – Pirates.

After being recovered from the Hyperdyne sector Maddox has served on several frontier worlds from Terraform 3 and throughout the colonial region. Maddox dislikes the tendency for colonists and Marshalls to adopt a false “Western” motif and in particular dislikes Marshalls who embrace the cowboy aesthetic, and mindset. While a dogged investigator he does his best to provide actual support and protection to Colonists rather than simply focus on being a “white cowboy hat” as he sees many of his contemporaries. Moral is well acquainted to space travel and comfortable with it, accepting more than his fair share of assignments that involve travel stints or space based work. Many other Marshalls embrace the role of being a frontiersman, Maddox is not one of them.

Moral has worked several anti-piracy investigations, his familiarity with space operations is one reason for this but even more so may be his unusual investigative style. Moral relies heavily on his intuition or gut in assessing likely pirate targets and operating methods. He has stated his time undercover allowed him to learn to think like space pirates and smugglers and he uses that ability to make intuitive leaps that other more traditional investigators may not. This talent does not seem to be limited solely to space piracy and smuggling and has allowed him to predict the actions of other criminals and ne’erdowells in more traditional dirtside venues as well.

Marshall “Moral” Maddox

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