Kit Handred

Colonial Marine




Your platoon was stationed on the WYSS Mikawa, a Weyland Yutani Military Class Frigate. As one of the leading sponsors of the Colonial Marines, WY had the pull to get United America’s personnel stationed to their property. These types of assignments are notoriously boring for a marine as you are normally used as the personal guard for Weyland Yutani executives while WY commandos get to have all the fun. Always kept separate from your commando counterparts a marine’s access was strictly restricted and you rarely knew where you were going and often didn’t realize when the Mikawa had even docked somewhere.

The only thing that kept you sane were the frequent card games with your chums Corporal Christopher Winter, private Peter O’Neal and private Bella Clarison. Each of you enjoyed busting each other’s chops and made bets as to which one among the platoon would crack under pressure first. This last game wasn’t as interesting because all the money was on private Lisa Reid. She was a loner who rarely slept and complained about frequent nightmares. She seemed unstable and even went AWOL for a time before she was captured and brought back. You often thought out loud, “Why did she have to be assigned to our platoon and not just been sent to prison?”

The day of the incident, you heard yelling coming from a nearby hatch that was normally kept closed and locked. Not one of you had ever been to this part of the ship which was marked engineering. You could hear yelling coming from below deck when you realized it was the voice of private Reid. She was saying something about evolving into something greater and that the Messiah had given her visions of the future of mankind. Then you suddenly heard another voice shout, “She has a bomb!” That was all you needed to hear and ran for the EVA suits as you yelled for your pals. You made it, no one else did. The bomb went off, blasting the Mikawa in two causing catastrophic failures to all systems including life support. For the next six days you have been finding new and interesting ways to swap out air tanks between EVA suits. Fortunately, you were able to discover a pocket of pressurized rooms where food and water could be found. However, with no functioning life support and the air supply of available EVA suits running low, time is running out.

Kit Handred

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