James (Finn) Finnigan




Experience Spent:
5 pts – Piloting + 1
5 pts – Ranged Combat + 1
5 pts – Ranged Combat + 1


Growing up in a competitive (ex-marine) household with his sister, Leah, James decided to become a pilot for the marines with Leah soon following him. The two were highly competitive with each other the entire time.. finishing both first & second in their class, who got first & second depends on which sibling you ask.

Finn spent 15 years flying ships before deciding it was time to go into the private sector to make more money and maybe even “settle down” one day. Leah reached out one day and told James about a few open positions on the USCSS Sherwood, and he decided what better way to show off his skills in front of his sister than to join her on this ship, for his first venture out in the private sector.

Still reeling from the death of his sister, Leah, Finn has become distrustful of Ava 6. He blames the synth for her death. Finn refuses to speak about his sisters death, in any sort of casual manner; and generally storms out of the room when someone brings it up.

This alien presence that seems to be centered around whatever Finn and the crew has become involved in, is beginning to wage it’s toll on Finn. He’s on the verge of cracking and breaking down or snapping into a furious rage, only time can tell which it will be…

James (Finn) Finnigan

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