Ready Player Nine


Trinket explains that she couldn’t control her movements, when she was called to by the xenos. Also couldn’t speak.

We decide to clear the side rooms first along the hallway, to not leave anything behind us. We do Door M first. Near it is a big imprint of a bloody hand smeared upward on the wall, leading to a busted up vent, the blood is half dried up, probably only a few hours old. McWard takes aim at the vent while Trinket opens the door.

It’s a small room with computers. It’s messy, terminals are knocked on the floor, there is a large hole in the floor, no bodies visible. The hole seems to have been burnt into the floor. We close the door, go to room N.

It’s a large communal kitchen, mostly undisturbed. Door on the opposite end of room reads “i”. In that room is a cafeteria for about 12 people. Chairs and tables are overturned. Large monitors on walls only show static. Two large doors lead to L and H. Smaller doors have plaques near them, William Bateson and Thomas Hunt.

We go in H. A hallway smeared with blood. Air vent busted out, with a pool of blood underneath. More smaller doors with plaques near them, Nikolai Vavilov, Theodosius DeVries (this one has the most blood).

We go in Theo’s room first. The door is ajar but we can’t see anything inside as it opens into a narrow hallway. Motion tracker indicates a blip inside, 2-3m away. Dozer opens the door fully, and inside on the floor is a shriveled faced hugger.

Roger calls out for whoever is there to come out or we’ll flame the room. A hand comes from around a corner, shaking. It seems to be a female hand and Roger asks if she’s Ruby Scott. Roger slowly walks into the room, there is a woman huddled in fetal position under a desk, wearing a bloody lab coat. She keeps mumbling over and over “i” or “aye”, hugging her legs. She wears no name tag or lanyard with ID. Roger goes to give her some Naproleve, as she looks up at him, we see one of her eyes is gone, with a black smooth shell covering it instead. SHE LEAPS AT ROGER, CLAWS DIGGING INTO HIS THROAT!

After a brief firefight, with Roger and Dozer and Finn and Weylon shooting the room up, the woman dies and is laid down on a bed, with some of her blood slowly eating through a few spots on the walls.

Outside in the hallway, McWard is still with Ava and Trinket. Trinket says that there is a gun pointed on her. Ava shoves Trinket into the room, McWard follows in.

A male voice comes from the cafeteria, asking us to explain “what’s going on here.”

Ava asks the man to come out and throw their gun down. After a bit of back and forth, a man comes into view, but still holding their down, pointed down.

Inside the room, McWard checks the lady for a pulse, she seems to have none.

The man’s name is Steve, he went to cryosleep on a Weyland-Yutani ship and woke up on this station instead. Says he’s a marine, and has been awake less than 24h.

On the bed, the lady we assumed was dead starts whispering something. Finn just shoots a burst at her but bullets just ricochet off of her. She shrieks MOTHER!, her back arches and she begins convulsing. Roger puts an end to that with an accurate burst, blood splatters everywhere, and Trinket starts screaming, clutching at her chest. She then tells us that when the lady was shot, she ‘felt’ it too.

Steve tells us he was hiding in Thomas Hunt’s room, where there were 2 beds, a bathroom and shower, and no blood. Says he’s not seen a room 3-E.

It appears the lady was Barbara McLintok, science staff. One of the other doors has her name on it, and the last one is Erich Von Tshernak.

In Barbara’s room, clothes everywhere, computer on the floor, more pills like the ones we found on the first guy we came across in the control room.

Weylon breaks into her computer, the monitor is busted a bit but doesn’t prevent him from succeeding. There are many logs of recent events. A video log indicates “long term testing most disheartening, we thought it would be safe.”

In Erich’s room, we see a corpse laying on the bed, chest bursted out. Vent has been ripped open.

McWard explains facehuggers to Steve, showing him the shriveled one we found in Theo’s room.

Trinket says a lot of monsters are coming, she feels a big sense of dread.

We run to open the door to L. There are a whole bunch of distorted signals on the motion tracker, about 60m away.

Door opens to a hallway with a K door. Another door leads back to places we’ve already been to.

In K room, it’s an octagonal rec room, 2 gigantic displays, game terminals everywhere, vents are all intact. Motion sensor indicates the signals are 30m away. We discuss where to go next. Signals are 20m away.

We notice a door that is opened where it should be closed. Landow goes to have a closer look. On a higher platform, Trinket is kneeling next to a body. She says the body is torn in two and it was like that when she got there (odd comment?). She found a key card on the body, the lanyard says this was Theodosius DeVries. Motion 10m away to the north.

Ava is twitching a little bit, she says she fears the protocols are having an adverse effect on her.

There is clacking and scraping against the north wall. We run to the lift, going down to Level5. Trinket says there is something on top of the lift. We hear a slow scraping against the ceiling. Lift is VERY SLOW going down. There is still noise on top. We see the access hatch wiggling a little bit. Roger decides that’s enough and shoots a burst through the ceiling. A shriek is heard and the elevator shakes a little. We pass the Level4. A large black claw pokes through one of the bullet holes. We notice no acid dripping down.

10min after passing Lv4, we reach Level5. The floor is made of metallic grating, leaving pipes and wiring visible. Seems to be the engineering level for the whole station. Doors open up into a massive room with generators and pipes everywhere. There is scaffolding going up, and it’s dark and loud and poorly lit.

We nope out and head back up to Level4, ride takes a long 15mins. Much slower going up than down. There is a wide passage that leads to a T intersection. Area looks very sterile. Landow and New Guy Steve check corners carefully. It’s a curving passage on both sides. Signs on the wall point left for Labs and right for Supplies. 100ft down a hall leads to an automatic sliding door, halfway opened and trying to close on a body. There’s a gigantic bite hole in the head. ID says Tanaka Hoshi. There are stairs leading up. Motion tracker catches a ping coming from where the elevator is.

We go up the stairs, more doors everywhere. The one closest to us has a sign that says Observation, lots of racket coming from behind it. Motion tracker picks up maybe 8 pings, lots of shrieking and screaming.

We notice cameras in the hallways swinging to follow our movements. Weylon fails at breaking into the camera feed. We open the door with a keycard we found earlier. Inside are many observation cells with mutated people freaking out inside of them. So mutated we can barely tell they’re human, they’re far too gone to save.

South door opens into an office. Weylon cannot access the computer systems. Ava says her systems are being overtaxed and stops speaking mid sentence.

There’s a really loud clatter behind us coming from where the lift is. Trinket says there is a monster there. There’s sounds of metal tearing. Tracker picks movement coming toward us.

Steve notices movement up in the air ducts, a moment before one of the covers falls and a xeno drops down right in front of him.

Ensues a ferocious fight where two smaller xenos are killed, a third one escapes while severely wounded, and a last, large one runs up to Finn and Trinket and literally rips its own chest open, spraying them with acidic blood, but thankfully only inflicting minor wounds.

After bandaging everyone’s wounds, we find a room with stasis pods, which Steve recognizes as what he was in. There’s another person in a pod, dead. More cryo tubes with half human half xeno monstrosities, all dead.

Door to the back of that room leads to another area with many computers and lab equipment, and many other doors.

North door leads to stairs going down. Another hallway with doors and names on them. Christian Cotch, Kevin Warwick, Ruby Scott. One door has no name on it.

Ruby’s door is locked. Roger kicks it in. It’s a clean room. Trinket finds a picture of a red-haired lady that looks like the one we initially saw in the lab video feed. On the picture, she’s standing next to Captain Brackett. McWard notices there is a family resemblance between Ruby and Brackett.

There’s motion behind Christina’s door. Trinket gets a dim, confused feeling. Weylon opens the door and a FACEHUGGER LEAPS AT HIM! He barely fends the beast off, keeping it off his face but the tail gets wrapped around his neck. Ava, Dozer and Steve combine efforts to pry the thing away from Weylon and toss it in the air, and Weylon blasts it cleanly with his .357 revolver.

There’s an unmarked door to the south with stairs going down. Floppy doors lead into an enormous room. We’re on a platform that overlooks the room. Huge enclosure with hive resin everywhere, and there’s a side door that is opened. There might be an egg layer here. There are two doors down there a large and a small one.

We argue what to do next, try to find Ruby or find a spot to leave the nuke.

We go down the stairs, there’s a lift under the platform. Keycard activates the lift. There’s a synth with both arms missing, he’s inactive. Only one button heading up inside the lift. 15mins going up. We’re in a lab with a bunch of equipment, computer terminals. We see a door labeled E.

Two more doors are labeled D and F. Door to E is barred. We bang on the door, Trinket senses surprise. After a big of chatter, the door is opened from the inside, and we meet Ruby Scott. We go in and bar the door behind us. There’s some racket back there, some bodies in tubes, half xenos half human.

We do a lot of talking with Ruby. Lasalle developed a supplement that was supposed to enhance you, it’s pretty addictive. Thomas Hunt is in one of the tubes. Lasalle was harvesting Royal Jelly from the Queen, but it’s too strong for humans, they have tried synthetizing their own, results were unfavorable. Weyland-Yutani planned the disaster at Hadley’s Hope, willing to sacrifice everything and everyone to gather more samples. They supposedly knew about the derelict ship on LV-426 but didn’t do anything about it.

The Cerberus is actually the Sulaco renamed. They raided W-Y stores for equipment and supplies. W-Y and LaSalle are aware of what Brackett is doing but they can’t say anything publicly about it. The hive and Queen are in the mine, the Queen is loose. There’s a large hangar door on the first floor that leads to the mines.