Going In


There are 2 exits in the room, something is coming at us from NE, we go East. A weird slithering noise with hissing comes our way. Ground is moist, foot falls in soupy puddles. Tunnel is very rough, lots of debris on the ground. Puddles is blood mixed with dirt. Passage Y’s off, we go left, Trinket stops, Ava stops, Maddox runs into her, Trinket says “they” stopped too. This used to be a high traffic area, there’s metal grating under all the debris.

Motion tracker shows nothing, we go left, lots of ceiling collapse there. We find an actual structure, pressure door has been ripped off. Bits of body parts by the opening. Probably an explosion + acidic scoring on walls. There is no power to open doors, so Dozer opens right one with his jack. Smeared blood and a body. Roger shoots it once. Roger goes in, crates are covered with dust.

The body is likely a member of security forces, there’s a tag on shirt that says Armstrong, a holster but no gun. Another crate has all basic mining stuff in it. We go to the room across the hallway. Large chamber, pieces of the generator. Likely damaged during the fighting. Will need parts to run again. More crates, blasting caps, pogo sticks that shoot explosive spikes. Next room is storage area, very old crates. More stuff covered in dust. There’s an office of some kind.

There’s a 6wheeler vehicle in the back and we find some generator parts. Garage door in the back is too heavy to open with a jack. Dozer tries to repair the generator. Gonna take a few hours. Maddox repairs himself. Finn checks out the vehicle. A facehugger rushes some people but gets blown away. There are more pings on the tracker coming toward us about 2h later. We stack crates to block tunnels.

The pings seem to go around the back door. DOzer, Maddox and Ginnis open the jammed door, there’s a guy in there who wants water. There’s thumping in the back, whine of metal as it buckles. The 3 try to close the jammed door again. Door is brought down to 1 foot from the ground. There are hissing noises. We take defense positions. Trinket says something isn’t right. Heavy footsteps coming toward the jammed door.

Roger looks under the door, massive foot and leg is visible. Fires the explosive spike thing into that room. Door buckles and there’s a high pitch squeal. Tracker picks up a lot of pings outside, total of 10. A bunch of aliens rush us. Mr Ginnis gets his head blasted clean through. Dead. Trinket keeps saying something is wrong, something is wrong about the guy we found that wants water. McWard gets hurt bad, guts hanging out and shit.

We roll out in the 6wheeler, we reach a fissure. Fine ash covering a winching system. Trinket is in some kind of daze. She says this is very old. Maddox goes down the abyss first. Gets to an enormous cavern. See sa ship that crashes into a structure. Hard to tell how big it is. Ship is curved, dome-like on top, lost in the crash maybe. Strange to see a ship miles underground..

Kit and Roger go down the rope. Dozer goes down as well. Trinket says this place is very old. Like the stone has formed over the ship and structure hundreds or thousands of years ago. Probably the aliens’ ride. Everyone goes down except McWard and Finn. Doorways are 12ft tall, and they’re entering a city that the ship crashed into. Trinket says “they wanted us to come here.”

There’s a very thick blanket of dust, Roger makes a mess of it. Finds 3 bodies, one probably stood 9ft tall, craddling 2 more bodies. Both chests on woman and child are burst open, bodies fossilized. Trinket says the are waiting for us, she is in there. McWard goes down as well, only Finn stays in the 6wheeler.