Going Down


Ruby needs a couple hours to back up data and gather samples. Maddox tries to help Ava with her codes. Slow process to back off safely, her abilities might be affected for a bit.

There’s another less known entrance to mines on observation deck on Lv3, narrow path so more dangerous. Autodoc on opposite side of this wing, McWard goes with Kit and Dozer to fix his broken foot.

Ruby asks help to get a sample from a living subject, she says it used to be her husband, patient A. Alex Scott, had been taking pills for months. He’s got a full on black exoskeleton. Only one human eye uncovered, elongated head, tracks us with his one good eye. Ruby says she never took any of those pills. She talks to her husband a bit, says she needs live tissues. Ruby asks Dozer for help. Ruby carefully goes into the hodling cell, Alex says “The Queen is coming, she will not abide what you’re doing here.”

Alex’s arms are thin and elongated, legs are shorter than other xenos. He scampers up the wall watching everyone, claws digging in the walls. He leaps at Dozer, clawing at him but the tough roughneck shrugs off the attack. Dozer sets him on fire with a flame thrower. After a short fight, Alex dies in a corner completely burned. Ruby is in tears, runs away from the cell.

Maddox goes to find Ruby. One door is locked and won’t open. Maddox knocks but gets no answer. He hacks into the door, it slides open. Ruby is in a corner in a desk chair, crying. She says she’s gonna be there in a minute. Weylon checks Alex out for a sample, cuts him open, and finds some suitable blood and tissues deeper in.

Ruby comes back. McWard is done with the autodoc. Asks wtf was all that noise and yelling earlier. Dozer explains, everyone grabs some supplies. We go to the lift, go to Floor4. Ruby says there’ sa more direct route to elevator. We climb to a catwalk, roger goes first, Weylon picks up signals on his tracker, at least 7.

Trinket feels some confusion and happiness, Roger opens a door slowly, hall goes to a 4way intersection. Ruby says we need to go right, we all move slowly. Dots are moving toward us on the tracker, there’s a sudden shriek of pain ahead, hall to the right is choked with a chaos of resin mess.Something is coming from around the corner. We move back a bit to assume defense positions.

There’s a large chamber ahead of us, Dozer blasts his flamer down the right hallway, resins melt a bit and it smells like shit. Ruby says the large room is Receiving for this floor. We’ll move to the corner and into the room. A creepy mutated guy comes up in view and asks us to come with him to go to the Queen, he turns around and runs away. Ruby says we don’t need to go that way to go to the elevator, she says it looked like Walter. We are getting signals from the resin coated hall, a door at the end is caked in hard resin. We debate which way to go. We go into the storage room. Weylon says he gets a lot of signals but can’t figure out where they’re from.

Dozer looks up and sees someone falling from the ceiling onto Weylon. Dozer grabs the thing as it crashes into Weylon, the creature has its claws buried into Weylon’s chest and is trying to dig deeper. The creature gets yanked off Weylon but disembowels him in the process. Weylon is dead! 3 more creatures fall down, combat ensues. Roger and Kit get dragged some distance away, Roger sees a woman shrieking tied to a wall her lower body is a huge grub and she’s plopping eggs out. Some of the eggs are about to open. Roger fires a grenade into that room. Something comes out of one of the eggs, it’s a person with a long tongue and a claw at the end. Roger is held down by 2 more creatures.

Kit runs in that room and blows up the tongue creature, Roger gets splashed a bit by acid but no biggie. Ruby says the Queen is Amy. Everything gets eventually blown up in that room. Maddox gets charged at by a creature and hit pretty hard, his right arm is ripped clean, and it sprays milky white fluid. Maddox is a synth! Bastard!

People bandage their wounds, Maddox says he’s got no idea what’s going on. Ruby says Amy was a bridesmaid at her wedding. There’s a door behind where the Queen was. We salvage all the useful gear from Weylon’s corpse. There’s a big lab behind the queen, huge holes melted in the floor of the room, seems like there were some fights between mutants and pure xenos, there’s a door at the other end.

Roger opens the door, it’s going down, stairs to a landing 10ft wide in an arc. Down and left is a lift. We move carefully 60m until we get to an intersection. The vent over the T intersection is opened. 40m down the left is the lift. Vents are closed. We get to the lift, it opens immediately, the ceiling hatch is open, crashed down on the floor. We argue which way to access the mines. Lv1 has a large access bay, Lv3 has observation deck, narrow and single file. The lift jerks into motion, begins to go up. We’re heading to Lv3. Doors open up, hallway with 3 doors, Door L at the end.

We go to Observation deck, small room with no functioning equipment. Trinket says she canT’ feel anything around us. Motion tracker picks up a ping in the room just ahead, room M. Roger goes in first, spots feet at the corner of a wall. A voice says “I’m not armed.” Someone steps out, wearing a W-Y jumpsuit, a bit of blood over the suit. Says he came with a squad of W-Y commandos, got in a fight with the local security, everyone got beset by aliens, they’re all dead now, says he’s Dillan Ginnis. Roger searches Dillan, we listen to a recorder he carries, some convos about drug deals.

Dillan says he was fired by W-Y for having done shady deals, commandos came here to capture a synth that went rogue. We chat with Ginnis, argue what do to next, Maddox says he wants to carry the nukes by himself down the mines. We decide to all go together. We open the door with a loud squeal, there is a rocky path going down. Everything is dusty. 10-15m before the first landing, small console station. Lights up very weakly. Passage leads far to the west.

Ginnis messes with the console, we’re 30miles away from the mine itself. Turns on the lights, lots of mining equipment including transport vehicles. Fuel cells are weak but still work. This layers of dust and dirt everywhere. We begin driving west. We reach the mine, iron pilings that give access to the mine area. Trinket feels an intense sense of dread. She’s shrunk down on the floorboard of the vehicle.

We’re in a staging area, helmets and jackets everywhere. 2 exits and a big sign “stairwell exit” to the left. Roger shines his light into the stairwell exit. Motion tracker is quiet. Claw marks on the ceiling. Looks like a high traffic area. We search through some vehicles for anything useful, sadly no maps, some overalls. We head out right from the staging area, 30m then 20m and angle and opens up into a chamber. Ceiling are quite high. Room is pretty big. Resin on walls, someone stuck on wall with chest burst open, egg at its feet. Ruby says this is Lawrence, who probably died in the last week.

More resin past the room, rib-like structures on the walls. Hallway is very tight. Resin has formed a circular portal we’d need to crawl through. Trinket feels bad things are about to happen ahead of us. We see people cocooned on the walls with eggs in front of them. There are unopened eggs, Roger offers to grenade the room. Maddox offers to go in first since he’s not likely to be attacked. No fewer than 12 ppl on the wall. Mining equipment sticking out of resin. 3 unopened eggs. Maddox searches through the room.

Maddox peeks up some stairs, weird T-shape landing, hallways going in a few different directions. Trinket says something is near. She’s opening up a squeaky metal lunchbox. She pulls a cigar out and starts chewing on it. Ava and Maddox will take flamers to torch the eggs while we watch over them. They torch 3 eggs. When the eggs go up in flames, the motion tracker starts beeping a lot.