A Red Sunset


Trinket had been hiding in the ceiling in the lab on the station, she drops down and begins punching on Ava, asking her to let Red and Maddox out of the cell, but Ames tells Ava to “secure this one” and Trinket becomes increasingly nervous.

Maddox gives some Naproleve to Red who’s having some pleasant dreams right now. He tries to bluff Ames and Ava that he gave her enough to OD, in hope they would come in to try and save her, but his bluff finds no purchase on the two.

Ames starts chasing Trinket since Ava won’t, but the young girl easily evades him.

Maddox tries to increase his bluff but he’s not successful.

The rest of the crew is getting closer, racing down the halls as fast as they can and starting to hear the commotion in the lab.

Trinket keeps running away from Ames, ducking and bobbing and weaving away while trying to figure out a way to open the room where Maddox and Red are trapped in.

Finn gets to the lab first followed by the others, he rushes Ames and pins him to the wall with a good shove.

The cell door holding Red and Maddox slides open, Maddox immediately tries to shoot at Ava but misses.

Ames yells to Ava “INITIATE PROTOCOL 34B” and she begins grappling with Maddox, easily pinning his gun hand to a wall.

McWard rushes to Red trying to peel off the facehugger away from her, by cutting one of the long digits of the creature that wraps around Red’s head. Acid spews from the cut narrowly missing both and it burns a deep hole into the floor.

Ava disarms Maddox and knocks him down prone. Trinket runs to her and orders her to go help Red. Ava says “You’ve always been a good friend.”, then releases Maddox and makes her way toward Red.

Weylon runs up behind Ava, tries to shoot her with his revolver but the bullet ricochets off the back of her head, doing minimal damage.

Ames rambles about “the words of the Prophet” saying we don’t understand what’s going on. Finn just keeps him securely pinned to the wall.

McWard tries to pull the creature’s tail away from Red’s neck but it’s too tightly wound around it.

Dozer also runs up to Ames and pushes his head against the wall, Ames tries to fight back but he’s held too tightly by two men.

Ava kneels by Red, grabs the creature’s tail and easily pulls it away from Red’s neck. Maddox joins in the effort and pulls the face hugger away from Red’s face, a long tube slips out from within her throat and she immediately begins to convulse.

Weylon goes to Ames and tells him that if he keeps fighting back, he’ll just shoot him.

McWard tries to assist Red as she convulses. The tremors suddenly stop. He checks her vitals, she’s dead. He tries to perform CPR on her.

Ava suggests they should shoot the facehugger pretty quickly.

Ava and Maddox prepare to throw the facehugger away and shoot it. Weylon and Maddox both blast the creature with gunshots and leave it dead on the floor.

McWard does everything he can think of to help Red, but it appears she is truly dead.

Dozer puts Ames into an armbar. Maddox fills in McWard with all that happened, since earlier he had given his comms unit to Ava so he missed most of what unfolded in the cells here. Upon learning of her death, Finn grabs Red’s rifle and walks up to Ames, summarily executing him.

Ames has a key card on him.

McWard enquires to the rest of the crew why Ava is allowed to wander around freely after she being responsible for the death of a crew member and nearly a second one. Ava says she was only following orders.

Weylon examines a computer terminal, tries to rip the hard drive out but he find himself unable because of the tense situation messing with his nerves.

Trinket says there might be other monsters lurking around.

We make our way back up along the lift ladder. Weylon takes a moment to scan for movement, he gets a ping that is really right next to us. The ping then vanishes. As he was going higher up along the ladder, an air vent covers gets blasted open right next to Weylon and tries to grab him. In the process, Weylon drops his motion sensor down the elevator shaft and ultimately gets yanked into the air ducts, starting to scream. Dozer shines his light into the air ducts but only catches a glimpse of Weylon’s boots disappearing around a corner as he’s being dragged away. The shrieking suddenly gets cut off.

We all run back to the Sherwood, close the airlocks and detach from the station. We need to find air scrubbers, our air supply is critically low. We fly off to the wreckage of the military frigate nearby.

McWard and Dozer go to the frigate looking for scrubbers and anything else useful. We try to open a door but it feels like someone is fighting to keep it closed on the other side.

They finally get in, there’s a woman in a spacesuit and carrying a few weapons.

Through gestures since they don’t share comms, McWard and Dozer figure out that she’s the only survivor on the frigate.

They move through a succession of airlocks toward engineering but they determine that is likely where the blast that destroyed the frigate originated so pretty much everything is a huge mess.

The three of them eventually make their way back to the Sherwood. The woman introduces herself as Kit Handred, a colonial marine.

Everyone takes turns filling her in about all that has happened. McWard shows her a dead face hugger so she knows what they look like and to be extremely careful around them.

Ava talks with Trinket about Dr Ames and says he might have become unhinged at some point and released the xenos during the battle.

We suddenly hear the voice of Weylon over comms. Apparently he’s still alive! Says he’s hot and can’t move. Doesn’t know where he is.

Kit says she was part of the crew of the Mikawa. (WYSS?)

We make plans to head back to the station since Weylon is still alive.

Ava tells us about what happened overall on the station. How the Xenos started to kill the staff but soon moved to abducting people instead, to infect and impregnate them. She talks of Stage 2 xenos.

Stage1 are the eggs, Stage2 are the face huggers, she speaks of Stage3 which is a small serpent-like thing that comes out of someone’s chest, and grows rapidly into Stage4 within a matter of 8 hours or so, standing 6-7 feet tall with some even growing up to 8-9 feet tall.

A queen would lay eggs, and there’s a process where a xeno would take materials off of corpses to create more eggs. They’re intelligent. They would remove bodies and weapons after fights.

Ava thinks there might be between 2 and 5 xenos on the station. Possibly more.

We go to the station, the power is back on. We head to the lowest level, all of us. It’s very hot and moist down there. We look around for the motion tracker that Weylon dropped, but it’s smashed to pieces.

Radiation levels are currently weak. Finn shines his flashlight around, a creature lunges from the shadows trying to grab him. A bit of shooting happens before the creature slinks back into the shadows. Trinket becomes agitated, climbing back the ladder up. There was a loud crash on the floor above us.

Weylon is still alive, says he’s stuck in some dark place where everything is caked in goo. He sees an egg right in front of him. Tells us he’s wrapped/tied to a wall.

There are strange biomechanical formations on walls, rib-like, seeming made of resin, a muted grey-green. It’s almost entirely engulfing the ladder.

There’s a large airlock jammed open by secreted resin. Trinket has a feeling some monsters are nearby. Maddox tries to talk her into sticking around and keeping Ava in check since it seems she’s the only one the synth will listen to.

We step out of the airlock into a large room, there’s about a foot of water. Smoke makes a staticy sound. Room is mostly square, with all pieces of furniture cocooned. We see 2 bodies stuck to walls, with their chests burst open from the inside.

Ava says the xenos do not give off thermal readings. In the hallway, there is an asian person stuck to the wall with their chest burst open.

We suddenly gets a comms message from the captain says there’s a ship with a large signature coming in, we have about 50 minutes before we need to fly away.

We recall that the Prophet was a smaller ship probably launched from a larger one, that might be that one.

We see an unopened egg in a corner. Some plan to shoot the egg, while Trinket says some monsters are coming closer to us. They shoot the egg, it splatters all over the place.

Maddox peeks in a large circular room, there are plenty of empty eggs, plenty of unopened eggs. We can see at least one body on the back wall.

Weylon remains very very still where he’s trapped for fear of alerting any nearby creatures.

We walk to a next corner, something smashes right through a wall and slams into Dozer, trying to grab him, but the strong Russian fends the creature off.

A brief but intense firefight erupts. Weylon says he can hear the shooting. Dozer is somehow mesmerized by the creature. The xeno is eventually gunned down, with minimal injuries to the crew, it reaches a hand toward where Ava and Trinket are standing as it dies.

We find another room, it seems to be some engineering room, containing a working air purifier.

We shine our lights all around and Weylon says over comms that he can catch some faint glimpses of our flashlights. He then says that the egg in front of him is starting to move. We start running deeper into that floor.

Trinket says something really bad is coming toward us. There’s a hallway with 4 rooms ahead of us, 2 on each side. Maddox runs to the first one on the left, there are open eggs and a body. Kit checks the right room, there are closed eggs with no body.

Next two rooms, in the left one, we see an egg in the process of opening, and Weylon stuff to a wall nearby. Suddenly the egg opens fully, a facehugger emerges and jumps at Weylon, but Kit aims a burst of her rifle and blasts the thing mid-air before it can reach Weylon, who is faintly splashed by the acidic blood.

Maddox manages to free the top half of Weylon from the wall.

Kit checks the last room, has one closed egg.

Ava keeps watch on our rear, keeping an eye on the hallway we came from. Trinket says she’s real uneasy, a big feeling of dread, possibly a nearby xeno, we’re all on high alert.

Maddox finally frees Weylon from the wall.

Suddenly sprinting down the hallway toward us, running along a wall is a 9ft tall xeno coming right at us.

Dozer fires a burst , only achieves a glancing blow. The xeno first reaches Ava, he grabs her and takes a huge bite out of her face. Milky white fluid spews everywhere. Another furious firefight ensues, in which the xeno eventually dies with again, miraculously, minimal injuries to the crew, only Ava got really hurt in there.

Captain Gordi tells us we have 30mins max before the unknown ship gets here.

Kit and Finn begin blasting closed eggs, some are starting to open but they get shot before releasing what’s inside.

Dozer and Weylon begin to work to get some scrubbers. Weylon is understandably shaken so he’s not being very efficient.

We all run back to the Sherwood with some precious scrubbers in hand. Gordi says the ship hailed up, he tried to bluff but he doesn’t think they were fooled by that.

As we prepare to fly away, Dozer is installing the new air scrubbers on the Sherwood. Out of nowhere, a face hugger lunges at him but narrowly misses him. Weylon loses his shit and just starts screaming his mind out. Face hugger turns to Weylon and jumps at him, Dozer throws his knife at the creature impressively catching it mid-air and pinning it to the wall. The creature dies and melts some of the ship, including Dozer’s knife.

We pull away from the station and start heading out, the incoming ship is at least a military frigate based on the size of the blip we get. A small ship seems to detach from the bigger one.

Dozer launches a decoy as we fly away. The incoming frigate blows up the previous frigate’s wreck to go dock at the station.

Leaving the asteroid belt, we debate where to go next. Maybe Aberra-Wright2 fuel depot to resupply, though we’d need to be careful about the LaSalle presence there. Gordi asks if we should go out looking for the Cerberus, rumor is it’s waging a personal war against Weyland-Yutani Corp.

Ava says she’s locked out of her protocols. Maddox runs a diagnostic on her, he find some code that isnt annotated, which mean she might have done it herself. She deactivated her outside connection to prevent any unwanted changes or updates to her coding. Maddox patches up her face.

Ava says that these xeno creatures can slow down their metabolism to have an almost infinite lifespan.

We finally decide to head for New Galveston, where we’ll be looking for the Cerberus.



i forgot how intense that got!

A Red Sunset

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